Thoughts on NFTs and Horizen

While this isn’t true for all projects, I personally think the biggest problem with Art NFT is that they don’t provide a lasting benefit to their holders.

There are a lot of artistic products in the world, and only a few survive. There are only a limited number that can be recognized and monetized.

Still, Art NFT have a huge advantage over regular artworks. Art NFTs have a big advantage over regular artworks: they can more easily have a community.
I think the essence of art NFTs is the sense of community.
But we can’t ask people to take losses just for that.

As a Horizen holder, I’m going to talk about the solution in terms of Horizen.
Horizen has a very good ‘node’ system.
SecureNode at 42ZEN, Supernode at 500ZEN
Not monetized by ads or contracts.
We’re thinking about ‘harvesting’ the ZEN that holders have accumulated to run the nodes and slowly redistributing the proceeds.


  1. Defend the 50% price point unconditionally.
    NFTs put up for sale are not sold.
    The seller will unconditionally buy at 50% of the initial sale price.
    What is the timeframe? One month.

  2. Why one month?
    Node fees are refreshed every month.
    After one month, the node will be established and terminated, and this may be fluid as the holders need to buy and resell the unsold ones.

  3. Distribution of node proceeds
    This seems to be an issue that the community needs to deal with: do we funnel it to someone? I think it’s good to have a continuous distribution because it allows you to recover your principal over time.

NFT holders will be contributing to the ecosystem through their nodes and supporting Horizen’s growth, because as Horizen goes up, so will the node revenues that will go to them.
The growth of Horizen will be the growth of the community, and I think it will be a virtuous cycle.

But the foundation of this story is trust, and trust seems to be a hard thing to come by. Wouldn’t you feel safer if you had a project that was officially recognized by the team?
Disclosure of wallet, disclosure of node running status, etc…
I hope a lot of good projects will come in after seeing this article.


:+1: Anways thank you for your sharing thoughts.


Likewise just want to say thank you for sharing your thoughts. FWIW I think it’d be tough to enforce defending any price point, and I generally am skeptical of those kinds of things. Not all NFTs are speculatory in nature and an originator can’t always predict what what will happen with any particular collection they release. There are too many variables that can factor in here adversely.


Yes :smile: There’s a variety of variables. I wrote it down in the hope that there will be an NFT where the community and coins(Horizen) grow together.


I think NFTs will be a big part of our growth, so it’s good to get these discussions started.