Forger nodes are soon available - see the documentation now

You can see the documentation here in order to know more about the upcoming Forger Nodes for the Horizen EON chain.

Please let us know if you have any questions


One question is I know we have the first vote and information regarding it coming up for Horizen DAO.

I was curious how the plans for Forger Nodes would differ whether the ZenIP passes or does not pass?

My understanding is EON will need nodes one way or the other, and will still be incentivised in both cases.

Would my understanding be correct that without ZenIP passing, the nodes would mostly benefit from transaction processing fees, and with ZenIP passing, they would benefit from this + the incentive pool that was original designated for Secure nodes?


You are right.
Horizen EON needs these forgers to make the EON more secure. Forger nodes are open and we need to incentivize them more

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and hence you can see how important ZenIP 42206 is…we need proper incentives to subsidize security on EON.

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Indeed Rob, indeed! :slight_smile: