ZenIP 42206 voting

The recent ZenIP 42206, which proposes the discontinuation of Secure Nodes to allocate the block reward to forger nodes, designed to secure the EVM Horizen EON sidechain, operating in proof-of-stake.

Before voting, it is strongly recommended that you learn more about ZenIP 42206 from the following resources:

ZenIP 42206 on GitHub
ZenIP 42206 Explained
Beyond the Horizen podcast about the ZenIP 42206
Forger Node Explained
EON Forger Node Documentation

Before voting, you’ll need to link your Horizen mainchain address and your Horizen EON address, if you have ZEN on both. Have a look at this topic if you want to know how


If it passes, when will the secure node end?


That would be in December, we don’t have an exact date

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Link to the proposal.

Click here


Thank you for the link