Discord: @everyone ⌛️1 DAY LEFT TO VOTE ON ZENIP 42206! ❓ Should the

@everyone :hourglass:1 DAY LEFT TO VOTE ON ZENIP 42206!

:question: Should the portion of the Horizen mainchain block reward currently paid to Secure Nodes be redirected to a Horizen EON Forger Subsidy Fund?

<:diamondhands:806993159334002708> All ZEN holders are eligible to vote and have a say in the project’s direction. VOTE NOW: Snapshot

<:HorizenW:482148378533298196> :link: <:EON_white:1098897250647818290> In order to vote, you need to have ZEN on a mainchain address on your Sphere wallet & link that address to your Horizen EON chain address on MetaMask. See instructions here: Linking Mainchain and EON $ZEN Addresses | Horizen Documentation

:coin: When you are ready to cast your vote, you also need to make sure you have sufficient ZEN in your MetaMask for the gas fee. If you need to know how to transfer ZEN from the Horizen mainchain to your MetaMask, follow this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFsjT069v7E

See this blog for the full instructions: ZenIP 42206 Voting Timeline and Tutorial - Voting on Redirecting Horizen Secure Node Rewards Will Start on November 20, 2023, 00:00AM UTC - Horizen Blog