Discord: @everyone 📢 ZenIP 42206 will be open for voting between 11/

@everyone :loudspeaker: ZenIP 42206 will be open for voting between 11/20/2023 and 11/23/2023!

The Horizen community will decide whether or not the Secure Node rewards should be redirected to Horizen EON forger nodes.

Learn more about the voting timeline and instructions: ZenIP 42206 Voting Timeline and Tutorial - Voting on Redirecting Horizen Secure Node Rewards Will Start on November 20, 2023 - Horizen Blog

:hourglass: Voting for ZenIP 42206 will start on November 20th,2023 at 00:00 PM UTC, and end on November 23rd, 2023 at 23:59PM UTC.

All $ZEN holders are eligible to vote and participate in the Horizen DAO and vote on ZenIP 42206. Learn about how to vote on proposals through the Horizen DAO and be ready for when the voting begins on Nov 20th!

Join the Horizen DAO discussion on Discourse, get involved and help shape the future of Horizen! https://horizen.discourse.group


This is awesome! I will be voting! :clap:


Excited for our first real community vote! I think this will be really important for EON


My first vote in the Horizen community! :sunglasses:


Do we have any reward pools that are used to incentivize people to participate the voting?


Hello Jimmy, no.

We can find a way to reward users but if it’s monetary, we take the risk of having people voting who don’t care about the vote or project, but just come and vote to get the reward.

Hope it makes sense.

Although, we are looking for more ways to reward the community members for their knowledge :slight_smile:

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FWIW I’m open to considering some kind of economic rewards for participating in governance. We obviously want to avoid the downside that @Manon mentions, but there are probably ways to do that and to incentivize behavior we’d actually want to see.


I tend to agree but more a lifetime, or constant one.

@xgarreau would it be possible to have a kind of NFT evolution every time the person votes for the DAO?

Maybe we can add tasks.

@finpunk @AstarZens what do you think about an NFT-to-evolve-with-time-and-engagement reward?

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How can I not fall in love if I see the results that change with my actions? We love torn and ugly shaped attachment dolls. We’ve been together since we were young.

I think it’s a good idea.

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However we can account for it, I’m a big fan of evolving peoples’ status in the community in relation to their contributions and efforts over time, such that these evolving status convey greater voting power or other benefits. If this is in some sort of evolving NFT, cool…or however else we can take a stab at it. It’s a cool idea!


Awesome… keep it up! Zen!