We've built a Token Asset Management System

Hello everyone,

The Horizen Labs team has created a suite of NFT products and tools for EON developers and it’s ecosystem, called the Token Asset Management System (TAMS). Users will be able to create and manage NFTs for whatever purpose they have, with the ability to spin up a marketplace if needed. The video demo will show the various features of the management system and its associated marketplace. In all instances within this platform we have abstracted the web3 aspect to reduce friction and easily onboard users. Each user is assigned a non-custodial wallet when logging into the platform. Its important to note that neither Horizen Labs nor any third party has access to the assets in a user’s wallet other than the user (non-custodial). We’ve incorporated account abstraction so users can create and purchase NFTs without the need to spend gas. Users do not have to buy tokens on exchanges before using this platform. Users can on-ramp to ZUSD using their credit card or bank account.

Its our goal to provide these tools to our users so they can easily create their own dApps. Take a look at the demo video below, let us know your thoughts and provide as much feedback possible.


I watched the demo. Can you tell me if the NFT’s have to stay on NFT-marketplace platform? Or can I move them to other EON wallet addresses and sell them on Kuswap? I noticed some Horizen badges and mutant apes. Are those NFT’s copies or the real thing? I’m confused.

Allowing NFTs to be sold elsewhere would be decided upon by the organization spinning up a marketplace. We have not yet decided whether our own marketplace would also allow for this, however we are likely leaning yes.

We consider this limitation a very important feature. We built the contracts with this feature to protect artists and creators. Currently anyone can sell on a marketplace that doesn’t enforce royalties and NFTs, cutting out creators. Additionally NFTs have essentially become speculative instruments, however it’s our goal to create an ecosystem that associates value to the actual properties of NFTs within a blockchain. Creators making art, NFTs used within a supply chain to track items from manufacturing → buying, associating them to real world assets, etc.

Additionally brands may not want NFTs bought or sold elsewhere so as to control branding. It may also be the case that NFTs were created which dont need to be sold or should be non-transferable to the open market. Our application is intended to deliver a variety of use cases and solve business needs, more than simply creating PFPs.

All of the NFTs in the demo are on testnet and are not production NFTs. We are preparing to deliver our version of this Token Asset Management system in the near future.


I just watched the Token Asset Management System (TAMS) - DEMO YouTube video.
First of all, I don’t know if I understood it well, but I’d like to comment on a feature that would be good to add.

How about making a token creator a credential mark in a reliable way?
For example, if Google generates its stock as a token, you can trust that the creator is actually Google.

Or, if the buyer sees the token creator’s profile, the token creator’s wallet address appears, and the token creator announces that its official wallet address is correct, the authentication process will be easier.

→ Google creates and sells its shares as tokens, and buyers can verify that it is not a scam by checking the seller’s wallet address.


BlackRock To Launch Tokenized Private Equity Fund


It’s great to prepare something in line with changes in the market.


This is an interesting feature. We will discuss internally and if approved we can prioritize it within our roadmap. Just for transparency we are still in the infancy stage of this product and there are alot of other basic features that are required for it to be competitive.


Yes this is exciting stuff. More transparency and democratization within markets. A company such as Blackrock would be able to use our software if they like. We are also planning to release an SDK to make building custom dApps (using NFTs) easier for developers.


Would be really awesome , if it happens!
TAMS usecase sounds pretty cool as well.