Discord: Hi @everyone, exciting announcement for Horizen EON, KuSwap

Hi @everyone, exciting announcement for Horizen EON, KuSwap NFT Marketplace is now live! This is the 1st NFT marketplace live on EON, and to commemorate this milestone, we are launching a free Horizen EON custom badge to early users, be sure to mint yours ASAP! KuSwap NFT Marketplace on Horizen EON

KuSwap NFT Marketplace has integrated native support for NFTs on Horizen EON, providing a vibrant avenue for buying, selling and trading digital collectibles. Here are some key features of KuSwap Marketplace:

:moneybag:Trade digital collectibles using $ZEN, the native cryptocurrency on Horizen EON

:art:Artists retain full control of their collections and have the ability to control elements like fees.

:rocket:Additional liquidity source for users interested in trading NFTs and digital collectibles.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized creativity on Horizen EON! Learn more about this announcement in our blog post: KuSwap NFT Marketplace is Live on Horizen EON - Horizen Blog

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