Regarding the current problems and suggestions of Horizen

First of all, let me introduce that I am Chinese and we have many Chinese people who are interested in Horizen.
Currently, many exchanges (almost all) and consulting platforms still provide private and anonymous introductions to Horizen. It seems that they are unaware that Horizen has already switched to public chains, such as Binance, OKX, etc. Can the official team communicate with these exchanges to change Horizen’s information.
Binance, as a leading global exchange, has great influence and popularity. And social functions have been activated. Horizen can enter Binance Social Square to increase its visibility.
3. As for the Horizen ecosystem, I hope that the zen in my hands can be useful, like ETH and SOL, to fully play their role, such as for NFT trading, in-game use, and collateral flow. For example, if a new gaming app is released in the ecosystem, you can add Zen gameplay, pledge Zen, and receive some rewards. The development of DAAP requires popularity, and can be used for interaction, such as airdrop. In short, refer to some mainstream public chain gameplay in the market. As for the issue of wallets that someone mentioned before, I think we should collaborate with some mainstream wallet merchants and introduce the Holizen ecosystem, such as C98, OKXwallet, and so on. Of course, Holizen has just started, and I believe it will continue to improve in the future.
4. For other public chains, I hope Horizen can have its own advantages and explore more innovation. I know it’s difficult, but in this fiercely competitive environment, it’s important to be competitive. Only by moving forward courageously.
At present, Zen is very sluggish, and our Chinese investors are in a low mood.
I hope my rude suggestion won’t make the team angry.


Hello Tjj15.
Welcome to the server and thank you for your message.

Of course, discussions are ongoing with the exchanges to prove to them that we are not a privacy coin anymore, including Binance and OKX. It’s being handled. Unfortunately, NDAs prevent us from giving more information at this exact moment.

Gaming is indeed a goal that will be nice to reach. I don’t know if you followed the discussions on Discord but HL is in the process of proposing a big change to the Horizen mainchain. that will permit Horizen to be more scalable, and fast. I don’t have more details to share, I am not part of these teams, but the proposal will be made soon to the community. Stay updated.

I think that this step will give more value and usage of ZEN.

You won’t make the team angry, no worries :slight_smile: It’s always valuable to have community feedback and we can’t expect you to know everything that is happening at Horizen so it’s good to have these conversations.

Horizen has stronger scalability? Does it mean pow to pos?

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That’s what it’s proposed.

You can follow the discussions here: How does the community feel about PoW versus PoS? - #51 by MJ5541 and share your thoughts

Currently, privacy coins are being taken down, and we hope that zen will not be affected


Yes, that’s why we are making more progress on privacy removal.

We did a first step with ZenIP 42204 (early 2023, before the big regulation pushes) and we are making sure to follow the exchange’s guidelines to avoid delistings.

Just, it’s important core changes, can’t happen in 2 days.

Yes, $ZEN is not a privacy coin anymore… the team are currently on it to make sure it doesn’t affect

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A vote will happen soon to ask for the total removal of shielded pools.

Please follow the instructions here: How to link the mainchain address to the Horizen EON address? to be sure to be able to vote on the next ZenIPs