How to link the mainchain address to the Horizen EON address?

A snapshot of the mainchain and EON addresses is taken when the ZenIP is posted on Snapshot. That means that if you move the funds from an exchange address to your SBH address after the ZenIP is posted on Snasphot, the ZEN won’t be taken into account.

You can link your mainchain address and EON address anytime before the vote.


  1. Go to the Horizen DAO Governance page on the Horizen EON web app to get started.

  2. Connect your web3 wallet (ex. MetaMask). Please follow this guide if you need help.

  3. Link your Horizen mainchain $ZEN address to Horizen EON. In order to vote with your mainchain $ZEN, you need to have $ZEN on a Sphere mainchain address and link that address to your MetaMask Horizen EON chain address. You only need to link your Sphere wallet once. You can use the same wallet for future voting rounds.

Please see this guide for step-by-step instructions on linking Horizen Mainchain and Horizen EON $ZEN Addresses to aggregate your voting power.

  1. Once your mainchain ZEN address is connected to Horizen EON, it’s time to vote using Snapshot:

  2. Go to the Horizen Foundation space on Snapshot.

  3. Join the space, turn on the notification so you will get the updates

  4. Choose a proposal you would like to vote on and cast your vote!

If you need assistance, please reach out to us on the Horizen Discord, and be sure to join the Horizen DAO discussion on Discourse!

Useful Links

If you are using Ledger, you can find a tutorial here: Sign a personal message – Ledger Developer Portal

The message you enter must be your Horizen EON address.

Additional voting instructions for Multi-sig wallets, non Sphere wallets, Staked ZEN on a Horizen Node, ZEN Store on an exchange


@rocket you can share the video here :slight_smile:

Linking a Horizen Sphere address with Horizen EON address:



Did you re-try and succeed?

It doesn’t work (
I’ll keep you posted

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Vote ended meanwhile but that will be interesting if you succeeded to link you address

I’ve seen this error when the EON wallet (e.g. metamask) doesn’t have any $ZEN in it. Make sure to put some $ZEN into your wallet so you can pay the linking fee (it’s on the order of pennies, but it’s still something).


That will be added in the tutorial for next votes :slight_smile: Thank you


from what Rob said - and maybe helping solve a problem of many more wallets with a non-zero balance on EON.

I think we should consider transitioning the discord task reward system (if a plausible/possible transition) - to bring the rewards to pay out on EON chain.

Instead of having an “EON faucet” - I think that if we were able to move the rewards system in discord to only be withdrawn to an EON address, could serve a similar purpose.

And this would be a good way to answer users “how can I get a small amount of ZEN on EON” and direct them to our daily tasks perhaps as one solution


This is being worked on already :slight_smile: (Discord feature)
Not sure about the ETA on this today


I really like this idea, as well. Cool to hear that it’s being worked on already @Manon