Horizen needs to create an image New Horizen =?

hello ZenFrens.

With the remove privacy update, Horizen is no longer an privacy coin, which is a great choice to align with regulations. However, many people think that Horizen has lost its identity.

I think this is because people think that removing anonymous transfers = giving up ZK (zero-knowledge).

Horizen has always been committed to bridging the gap between the enterprise and Web3. So Horizen has ZK technology. In HL, we have been developing things like the Poseidon2 hash function. I don’t think people realize these efforts.

We are now starting the NEW Horizen, and we need to push new and simple concepts.

To do that, we need to understand that people are simple by default.

We need something newer than ‘Horizen is no longer an privacy coin’. We need to think of it together.

Personally, I’d like to see a good keyword Zk for customer protect information.

Very Simple, Blue Ocean, Not unique, but seemingly unique


Hi @AstarZens I hear your concerns and want to clarify with the New Horizen initiative, we’re not losing our identity we’re evolving it

The New Horizen ZenIP, if approved by the community, will mark the start of a clear new direction. We’re gearing up for a major campaign around New Horizen to highlight this shift. Behind the scenes, the team is working hard.


Hi @rocket I always appreciate your efforts(recent AMA, etc. )
I’m not knowledgeable enough to really understand the information(All Horizen-tech), but I know the team is working hard on it.

I’m sure Horizen team have a direction they want to go, and I’m just adding my two cents to that direction.

Traditional Horizen = Privacy
New Horizen = ?

I hope it is well defined.

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Well basically I agree on the core of the proposal. This was the idea behind my proposal to change ZEN ticker to H20. Changing the ZEN ticker

But as you see people want ZEN ticker to stay :slight_smile:


What projects is Horizen preparing, and what features does ZEN have?
ZEN is no more privacy coins, no more POWs soon.
Layer 1&2? nope! No one knows layer 0? or Defi project?
It’s unclear what category Horizen falls into.
Still Grayscale background? Personally, I think Grayscale is no longer interested in Horizen.

That is why we must prepare thoroughly. Currently, ZEN has no appeal and no potential. There is only anxiety about exchange delisting.
Other projects are already adding descriptions and categories for the next bull market.
We also need to prepare quickly. For investors in general, narrative is more important than technology!!

Check out the latest idea for evolving Horizen into a modular ZK proof verification layer for Web3: ZenIp: 42400 - Modernizing Horizen Technology via a Modular Proof Verification Layer

I strongly believe that Horizen needs to pivot into something like this, to differentiate by solving a problem in Web3 that no one else is solving. If we agree on “New Horizen” and pass the ZenIP when we vote in the near future, then it’s a matter of launching a massive rebranding campaign to make sure the industry knows exactly who we are, why we exist, and why $ZEN has value.


Thank you for your response.

The market doesn’t care if Horizen is ready for ZENIP 42400. It’s been that way all along.

This is the key, and this is where the success of ZENIP42400 will be measured.

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