Changing the ZEN ticker

Hello, I have a suggestion about the ticker change once Horizen 2.0 is implemented. As people already call it H20, my suggestion is to change the ticker to H2O (chemical formula for water). Zen ticker is still thought of as a privacy coin and associated with zcash and that’s why this change is suggested. Horizen name would remain.

Horizen (Zen) kept adapting and evolving throughout its development. From privacy coin, to sidechains, to platform, and who knows what is next. Same like the water (H2O) it adapts. Like Bruce Lee says: be like water

As for Dex you add liquidity to the pools. Water == Liquidity

Just imagine the memes we could make with water :smiley:


Hi @Trololino .
I agree with some of your comments.
However, I would prefer to keep the current ticker.

First reason
A matter of timing
If it was going to be changed, it should have been done at the same time as the removal of privacy.

Second reason
Community confusion
We’ve gone through a lot of rapid changes recently. Many community members are confused about Horizen identity. So changes to the ticker seem to make things worse.

And I like the ticker ZEN🤣

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Well the Horizen 2.0 which i assume(I dont know what it is) is switch to PoS, is still not implemented or even suggested. We know the zenip will be suggested until end of January, so there is no logic in switching to H2O ticker before this gets implemented on network.


I agree with @AstarZens on the fact that it may confuse users if we change the ticker.

ZEN goes well with Horizen. And we may evolve again after H20 as we are in a constantly changing environment.


Changing a token sticker after many years of recognition can lead to confusion and difficulty in maintaining a consistent brand identity.

I’m big on brand identity😊


It’s a fun ticker, but I don’t see it happening. I still remember when Zcoin (XZC) rebranded to FIRO; it nearly killed the project. Did you know that a strong brand identity can significantly impact userbase loyalty and trust?


It is a good idea to consider changing the ticker when a project fails. just IMO

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Great so no need to change

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:100: no need to change, besides i love the fact that ZEN takes the suffix of the ‘Horizen’


If the transition from Horizen to New Horizen goes well, then ZEN will move to the new chain, and the old chain will be ignored.

Perhaps some people with mining machines will want to keep the old chain going, and call it ZenClassic. I think the ZCL ticker is probably available for that :slight_smile:


If ZENIP42400 is a new coin with a white paper and everything has changed, I thought it would be good to do a hard fork and start completely new.
ZCL & Horizen

ZenIP 42400 is not a new coin.
ZenIP 42400 doesn’t have anything to do with a new coin


I heard a new white paper is coming out, but is it wrong?

There’s an EON white paper version update getting ready to be published, and we’ll for sure need a comprehensive NH white paper if/when the concept is adopted.

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