How can we raise recognition for Horizen?

We often see Horizen misspelled as Horizon on Twitter.
During the OKX incident, it was also labeled as Horizon on Coindesk.

I think this is due to the lack of recognition.
Please share your ideas for a way to raise the recognition of Horizen.

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Raise awareness through events

I’ve seen teams organize ZENDOO parties, Halloween parties, etc.

I suggest team give good gifts to the party participants.

If you go to a party and there is no food, what will people think?
There should be abundant food at the party.

Since ZENSA has been released on EON, I think it would be good to purchase a large amount of ZNESA and give it as a prize.

I hope the party in January 2024 will be different from the past.


Lol reminds me of 2018 :smiley:

I was saying the other day on discord that we should differentiate from Zcash and do a rebrand, since Zen is no longer a privacy coin but platform it would make more sense to be called Zentereum.

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We always gave some ZEN / swag via contests during community-led parties.

We also used to airdrop some ZEN, PKZ, or contests in other parties.

But sure we don’t give ZEN to everyone participating. This is not how you build a sustainable ecosystem. Once again, we want genuine people interested in the project.

Of course that will be easy to do like this:
You share content, get 10 ZEN, you join the party, get 100 ZEN, and you create a proposal, get 1000 ZEN!

But if we do that we can shut down the blockchain in one week^^

You can’t say we don’t give any rewards to the party participant, I am sorry but here it’s not true.

We don’t want to copy Ethereum even if the name is cool :'D

You don’t like ZEN anymore?

Can be a huge interesting ZenIP, will Trololino make this huge change ont he ecosystem :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to have your proposals :wink:

Hi Manon,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on party attendance.
The reason I say this is because engagement rates are low.

What’s the point of public party?
I believe the purpose of the party is to promote and attract, so I made a suggestion.

I don’t want a huge prize. But prepared not to be ridiculed.

If the team wants to truly connect at the party, I think it’s better to leave the prizes out altogether.

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We had one party on Horizen Discord for now.

The point is to have fun with the existing community, it’s not really to promote and attract new community members. It’s to have a fun time with our community, make them feel included, let them ask questions.

Don’t forget that these parties are community-led. The goal is not to make a retrospective of the overall project but just have fun between community members and believers.

To attract new community members, we will have Twitter AMAs, and workshops (Discord and Twitter). But the idea is also to bring the community on Discord and Discourse: this is where people engage, take time to share thoughts, ask questions, give ideas, ect.

Different kinds of communication according to the platform used!

We always think about prizes and games when we do a community event :wink:

Now, let’s think about it fundamentally.
In order to let Horizon know to many people, the phrase ZEN should be exposed to many people. I think influencer marketing is effective in that respect. However, we have to pay a lot for them to advertise Zen. It’s so simple. Exposure is important, recently I saw quite a few cryptocurrency ads on X, like SHIB. Why don’t you use advertising costs in your official account? To expose zen to many people. I think the more Zen is exposed, the more people will be curious about ZEN.

Hi manon. I think the party on Discord is very likely to be just for the existing participants. Of course, the existing participants are important. Funny story, but we need to make Rob a influencer, just like Charles in ADA lol just a joke.

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Rob is already an influencer I guess :slight_smile:

I prefer organic growth to paying for ads. For SHIB it can be okay because that’s their way to do. They don’t mind paying a lot of money for a low ROI, they only want this exposure.

The Horizen ecosystem is way more complex than SHIB, so we can’t compare the marketing choices here.

We prefer to invest where the ROI is important. With paying ads, it’s not. We did try int he past. We re-considered it as well, but I am not sure if we are going to do that soon. Maybe when we have the New Horizen ZenIP released and voted on, that will be a good time. But honestly, I prefer to put money into hackathons, bug bounties, events, and integrations.

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Oh… I did’t know that team used this method. But, I still think exposure is important, even if Zen don’t use fund for ad.

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Exposure is important.
The focus is to make ZEN accessible and to propose mainchain evolution. Then we can re-tackle the ZEN exposure via the tech.

Meanwhile, I think that we should get community members via the DAO, and make sure to have an understandable ecosystem (the thing is the ecosystem is very complex and evolving very fast, even for our teams it’s hard to stay updated sometimes).
I’ll include the community in this process. Because sometimes it’s hard to see what we write with a fresh and newcomer perspective.

I am bullish and can’t wait to promote the DAO, to promote more the ecosystem, and above all, the New Horizen :star_struck:

This was the purpose of the Halloween and January parties.
I misunderstood the purpose.

But we should have a party for everyone someday, and when we do, please consider my thoughts.

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I agree.
That was done for Zendoo launch and previous Halving.

Hey, what about we create a private discussion here on Discourse, where everyone interested can ask to join, and we prepare a huge official community-led party on YouTube for the upcoming ZEN halving?

We should have approx a year to plan it, we can do something huge :wink:

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It’s great for both the holder and the team to be able to work together on a big event in preparation for the big day.

Zentereum… I think you really like the Ethereum ecosystem buddy, but I’m not sure that name will be good for branding

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glad we are not Zenthereum :joy:

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