The Horizen Academy

Hello to the best ZEN community!

In this topic I would like to introduce you to the Horizen Academy.

On the Horizen Academy you can learn a lot about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Web3, DeFi and also about the Horizen Ecosystem.

The Academy is built for the community and is constantly evolving.

Under this topic you’re invited to share your thoughts about the Horizen Academy, suggest new topics, discuss already written articles (have you found outdated information? Errors? Typos?).
You can also make suggestions for improving the Horizen Academy.

Thank you and looking forward to have your thoughts!


First of all, I would like to suggest we need to add lots of graphics and maybe videos with included graphics to the Horizen academy. Average reader quickly loses attention and goes away to watch something else if there arent any pictures illustrating what the material is about.


This is a good suggestion!


I don’t know if the Horizen Academy is the right place for it, but I’d love to see a one-stop shop for everything you can do with EON. I want to see everything that’s on there and to have tutorials, user experience sharing, and anything else that can help me navigate the ecosystem as it grows.


Currently, horizen academy provides quality information. I am always grateful.
If an individual is interested in blockchain, it is right to study it, but unless you are a developer, it is not easy to understand the terminology.
The current explanation of the Academy is excellent, but I think it would be easier for the public to understand if it were mixed with more metaphorical expressions.


Yes some articles are pretty hard to understand even after some years in crypto (e.g. Zendoo and CCTP :') )
We had different levels for the academy in the past but we chose to regroup the levels into one article to make it more SEO-friendly.
We need to improve the readability.


What is Bitcoin? - Bitcoin Glossary

Can you extract the basic content from here and call it crypto basic knowledge?
I didn’t know it was described here kindly and easily.

Mobile versions are less visible than PC. I think it’s something we need to think about together.

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Do you want us to share the article here?
What It thought is maybe give the task to someone to make an abstract of each article, in 3 paragraphs max and share them here.
One by one

Good be good for SEO and then users will be able to talk about each article

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That sounds like a fine idea. It makes poeple interested and seek out deeper content through short texts


I’ll check with the ambassadors who could do that. Community members can too :slight_smile:

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I’m curious about people who have zen, then coins like eon are created. Do they get equivalent their share of zen in eon?
I been sitting on 1100 zen for years now and also would love some help in making them earn for me:)
thank you…

There isn’t an $EON token yet, though many have been talking about one. Some ideas floating around are that it, as well as other tokens launched within the ecosystem, could have portions reserved for airdrop to $ZEN holders. That’s all speculative at this point, since there aren’t any firm plans nor has the community sanctioned the creation of a native token for the EON platform. Currently, $ZEN is the only token used in any way for gas and governance on the platform, though there is recognition that there could certainly be strong need for an $EON token for additional security, governance, and growth incentives.

As for making your $ZEN work for you, now that we have some DeFi protocols on EON, it’s possible to join liquidity pools and soon there will be various yield/farming opportunities. Also, Wave Digital Assets is launching a Horizen DeFi fund that works with protocols launching on EON for early liquidity. You could reach out to them to see if there are investment opportunities.

Finally, with ZenIP 42206 passed, as soon as the Secure Node pool moves over to funding security with EON forgers, that’s another way to earn by staking your $ZEN.

More opportunities will pop up regularly now that EON’s live and growing, but everyone please please exercise proper diligence in participating in any aspects of DeFi on EON, or investing in any funds or opportunities that may arise to support the ecosystem. We all want to see this ecosystem grow, but let’s be vigilant with each other to make sure that we’re encouraging high quality protoocols and keeping each other as safe as we can. One of the opportunities I see in growing a new DeFi ecosystem is to curate the highest quality environment and keep the scammers out. Easier said than done, but it’s also why there’s a stated Code of Ethics in the EON Lightpaper.

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I very much appreciate your response


I’m afraid to hook up my laptop to wifi because years ago while away on a trip my laptop was hacked and a keylogger was installed.
My question is…
Can someone access my arizen wallet remotely or only with my laptop in hand.
Sorry to bother you I’ve asked this on horizen support but to no avail.
Thank you

Have you tried to use the support service on Discord?

We never let someone be without help.
Never share your private keys with anyone and if someone is DMing you to provide support, it’s 100% sure it’s a scam

Sorry I think I just understood the questions :slight_smile:

Where is this laptop today?
What did you do after the hack? Did you restore your computer?

I didn’t see your question on Discord. Please tag manonmotherofcats there if needed (it’s me)