Horizen EON - All the Tutorials in English

Would you like to build on EON?

Here are some tutorials made by Horizen and the community.
If you have some tutorials to add, please add them as a reply.

The official Horizen docs are available here: https://docs.horizen.io

If you want to use Horizen EON, first, you will have to install Metamask, or Cobalt, and connect your wallet. Find here how to do it: Connect your Wallet | Horizen Documentation

You can either use the Gobi permanent testnet (and get some TZEN here) or directly use the Horizen EON mainnet.
If you have to deploy a dapp or a complex smart-contract, we recommend you to first deploy it on the Gobi testnet.

Here, you’ll learn how to use Remix IDE, hardhat, Truffle, how to verify a smart-contract on Blockscout: Remix IDE | Horizen Documentation

More official tutorials are coming, so have a look sometimes!

Thirdweb is an easy way to deploy tokens and NFTs, but also other kinds of smart contracts. If you are not a dev, that will be the place to go!
Here, you’ll learn how to use Thirdweb: ThirdWeb | Horizen Documentation

Remix can be also easy to use with a good tutorial. Here you will find a tutorial to make a todolist: Deploying a dApp using the Remix IDE | Horizen Documentation

Here are some tutorials made for Gobi testnet. To use them on mainnet, you’ll just have to select Horizen EON network instead of Gobi:

Here is the tutorial to create your ERC-20 token via Remix: How to Create an ERC-20 Token on Horizen - Horizen Blog
How to deploy an ERC-721 NFT via ThirdWeb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjYbH0MYAdA
How to connect to Gobi Testnet and follow tutorials on Remix and other dev tools: https://eon.horizen.io/docs/connect/connect_your_wallet/

How to perform a Forward transfer (to transfer ZEN from Horizen to Horizen EON via Sphere By Horizen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFsjT069v7E
How to perform a Backward transfer (to transfer ZEN from Horizen EON to Horizen via Sphere By Horizen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0_K136RWnA&t=1s


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Hi ,
here are one english tutorial and 2 videos with english subtitles.

How to develop a dApp on Horizen EON (The Faucet Coin) : https://mescryptos.fr/develop-a-dapp-on-horizen-eon-the-faucet-coin/

How to create an ERC-20 token in Solidity using Remix : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHfxgDo2iqQ

Some useful tools to help you develop on Horinze EON :

I hope this helps.


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Introducing Horizen DAO And Sending $ZEN to Horizen EON https://www.publish0x.com/mind-puzzle/introducing-horizen-dao-and-sending-dollar-zen-to-horizen-eo-xwvgxqn?a=pmbk1p5ezJ


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great to have this here as a resource for new and existing Horizen members