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Hello community,

You will find here all the Horizen Ambassadors introducing themselves :wink:


Hello, I’m Nhuel, and I’m passionate about blockchain technology. As a blockchain enthusiast, I have a deep understanding of the underlying principles and the potential it holds for transforming various industries. I combine this passion with my expertise as a content writer, where I create engaging and informative content to educate and inspire others about blockchain and its applications.

In addition to my writing skills, I’m also a graphic designer, allowing me to visually communicate complex concepts and ideas related to blockchain in a compelling way. My design work complements my writing, creating a comprehensive and visually appealing experience for my audience.

Furthermore, I’m an experienced event organizer with a knack for curating and executing successful blockchain-related events. From meetups to conferences, I excel at bringing together like-minded individuals and fostering a collaborative environment for networking and learning.
Some other skills i possess is community management, i have had some past experience being a regional community manager.

it good to be here :slightly_smiling_face: also can’t wait to see more community members join our discussions here


we’re really happy to have you :slight_smile:


Thank you for being part in the Horizen Ambassador program. We are lucky to have you


Hey! I am PVM or PV

Went down the Crypto rabbit hole back in 2015, when I bought few Bitcoins. Sold them too early and too cheap but my interest for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology sparkled.

Started exploring more and enjoyed it until the big crash of 2018, and took two sabbatical years after my portfolio dropped 95%

Had all in HODL mode and my second leap of faith started in 2020, when I starter writing about crypto. This time escalated quickly, with a dive into DeFi, NFTs and DAOs.

Wrote at least one article since 2nd of March 2020, making 1344 days of consecutive publications. For some unknown reason, I started trending as a content creator and soon reached thousands of followers.

Jack of all trades, with background in education, healthcare and mental health sectors. Former PE teacher, active football referee and dad of two smart rascals.


We are glad to have you, PEVM the party host :wink:


1344 days of consecutive pubs??? That’s amazing, I wish I had that stamina for writing. We’re really happy to have you helping build out the Horizen ecosystem :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Guan

So glad to share my bio with you all! Please forgive me that my English writing is not very good.

I am currently living in southwest China, a city called Chongqing. and I am 33 years old.
I entered the crypto world in 2016 and running a crypto community that is mainly focused on some high-quality projects, and the first I got to know ZEN was in 2017 Jul, after 3 months of careful research and due diligence on $ZEN project, I finally and my first $ZEN coin on 2017 Oct. and invited Rob and Lucy to my community to share more info about Horizen (Zencash) at that time. I love professionalism in my daily life, and I found that the Horizen project was very professional in every aspect: ZK-tech, privacy protection, consistent funding model, R&D, marketing, especially graph design. and I also like to share good things with my friends and community. So I kept learning about the project through Rob & Rolf’s interviews and translated that info into Chinese. and evangelizing the Horizen project in our China community and naturally, I became the Horizen representative. On behalf of the Horizen representative, I attended 70+ offline meetups, and 16 presentations as a speaker until 2021 OCT when the China gov Banned crypto.

but this does not mean the end of our China community. we still have a number of loyal $ZEN holders we still have around 7400+ ZEN followers who keep holding or following the project at a very low profile and position.

I really love the project, because the project also taught me a lot of things from the Horizen Academy, from the Horizen team, and from those smart community members, Sometimes I made mistakes and learned from them, and I kept making myself a better one. I really appreciate that the project pays me and lets me grow!

So happy to see that Horizen DAO launched, and nice to meet you all!


Was hard up to 1000 days… now is just a perpetuum mobile!
Happy to be part of this amazing team


Your crypto adventure from 2015’s Bitcoin escapade to becoming a DeFi, NFT, and DAO aficionado in 2020 is like a rollercoaster ! 1344 consecutive publications it´s something to behold, not many people could keep that kind of streak. Your background makes you the Swiss Army Knife of crypto. Welcome !!!


Nice having you here!


You are a legend with the Horizen community, Guan, we’re really happy to have you here. You embody the dedication, hard work, and humility that I believe defines our culture at Horizen. Thank you for being such a big part of this journey for so long :slight_smile:


Hеllo еvеryonе,

As an ambassador for Horizеn, I’m dеlightеd to bе part of this amazing community. From my еarly days of еntеring thе blockchain and crypto spacе in 2018-2019, I dеvеlopеd a dееp passion for this tеchnology. Whеn I joinеd Horizеn as a community mеmbеr еarliеr in 2021, I was imprеssеd by thе warm and friеndly atmosphеrе hеrе.

Motivatеd by my еnthusiasm for Horizеn, I appliеd for thе ambassadors program and havе bееn diligеntly sеrving thе projеct sincе thеn. I activеly еngagе in daily tasks, еxtеnding support to our community mеmbеrs and providing guidancе to nеwcomеrs.

My commitmеnt to this rolе has bееn unwavеring, as I havе takеn only a fеw holidays since I joined as Ambassador. Howеvеr, it’s еvidеnt that wе may not bе witnеssing thе dеsirеd outcomеs from our currеnt stratеgiеs. Thus, I am dеtеrminеd to еxplorе and implеmеnt innovativе idеas that will incrеasе awarеnеss of thе Horizеn еcosystеm and drivе grеatеr adoption of $ZEN and EON.

I look forward to collaborating with you all, sharing idеas, and making significant stridеs in achiеving our sharеd objеctivеs. Togеthеr, wе can takе Horizеn to grеatеr hеights.

Thank you.


Love having you with us @Mahnoor you’ve been super active for a long time, that’s something I really appreciate.

What do you think has been working to grow the community and what hasn’t been working as well as we may have hoped?


Hi all my Horizen Frens/Fam

Hopping in for my introduction!

I’m the man with many DeFi names that have started being “coined” since 2020

with the first being “DeFi Money-Printer” in late 2020 after I first dipped my toes in the mysterious world of liquidity providing and yield farming on decentralized exchanges and DeFi protocols.

However, this is not where my blockchain journey begins. I’ve been involved in some capacity as far back as 2013 when I first opened a Coinbase account and made my first purchase, but I like to say that’s when I dipped my toes in the water, left the pool not really fully understanding the usecase/potential/value of the blockchain or assets like Bitcoin until a much later time in early 2017.

My Brother had called me excited that he had bought Ethereum just a month or weeks ago at $8 and it went all the way to $40.

Being a broke college kid I think I emptied my bank account buying 2-4 Ethereum only to sell them for not much of a gain when I became strapped for cash not soon after.

However I had just recently gotten into PC gaming and building computers after having a fascination with tech my whole life, so I went down the path of trying to figure out mining Ethereum on the 2 pc towers I had which were capable at the time with the GPUs - I tried and tried but eventually had no luck on getting the miners to work properly and ended up finding “WhatToMine” and other mining pools with various alt-coins.

I had landed on ZCash mining and got it up and running fairly quickly sometime around April 2017, at the time I believe just 1 GPU was bringing in double digit dollars a day (so this was my original blockchain money printer period)

Not long after - the first alt coin exchange I had been using, Bittrex, emailed and said they would be supporting the hardfork of ZClassic and the launch of ZenCash (ZEN) trading on their exchange. Probably the first week or two I saw it start popping up on WhatToMine and I quickly jumped ship and joined the Slack channel of the OG Zencash community. Switching over meant speculating on this new team and project in the hopes that the value could increase over time - since now the mining was giving much more ZEN per day, but still a similar dollar value, sometimes more or less, than ZCash.

I look back at the OG Horizen days with nostalgia as me and a close friend began to expand and both were mining ZEN with 20-50 GPUs at different locations (him going a bit more all out with a much larger house and power hookup to run more machine) This lasted at least a year-1.5 years before eventually the ASIC machines kind of took over the GPUs as the preferred mining equipment which was unfortunate, but didn’t seem like a “deal breaker” to me as I had seen this happen in countless projects including the large ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.

Fast forward a bit I had kind of rekt myself with poor trading & bear market failures as usual, and probably took about a year or so unplugged from the space, focusing on graduating school, finding a job etc.

Though one thing I didn’t mention was a great friend of mine and someone I also introduced to my brother had started an organic growing successful Youtube, Patreon, Discord, and Stocktwits(past) communities and was continually putting out content and technical analysis through the bear market.

he was actually one of the first in February 2018 to state the top had already happened and calling out $3k as the bottom and this was the “start” of his Youtube TA career with some of the greatest calls along the way.

So fast forward to spring 2020 not long after the major crash and pandemic shut downs, one of the coins he’d been passionate about since 2017 began having a run: Chainlink - the oracle and linking blockchain to real world data powerhouse. I had been tuning into his content regularly and sending him little tips of support to buy him drinks or snacks etc just to support his grind.

Around this time marked my “jumping back in the pool/deep end” When I joined his discord community, not long after he gave me admin priviledges and as his community grew we worked together to create a valuable and passionate community together, and ended up being one of the first paid gigs within the space.

As I got further and further in the rabbit hole of defi/blockchain etc. I began to get involved with more projects, connecting with teams, networking over discord/telegram/twitter etc, and more opportunities came to me - some which came and went, some which stayed around, some which evolved. One of which I hold dear to is getting involved in the Horizen Ambassador program.

Horizen has been the one project since 2017 which I have always been excited about since the bi-weekly developer insiders, the Rolf V. whiteboard sessions discussing Horizen, bitcoin/zen mining, and other high level topics - to Robs equally intriguing whiteboard sessions and speaking engagements which enveiled the long term bigger picture thinking and innovative concepts and structure which made Horizen unique. The community has always stood out to me as well as the team which seem to form this stronger cohesive bond, that I believe this foundation will really allow HorizenEON to shine.

I look forward to further contributing to the project and community for the future and excited to see where this next cycle can bring us all working together and seeing the bigger picture and vision to bring success to the ecosystem.




definitely incredible stuff @PVM

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Same to you! You are a too member of our team


Hello everyone. I am Trololino. Anyone who entered Horizen Discord server probably knows me :slight_smile: I Consider myself a ZEN OG,a little bit of a troll and memeist. I’ve been following Zen since 2017. Its the same year I got interested in crypto. Many of my ideas are already implemented into Horizen, some not yet (switching to PoS) but we will get there :wink:
What brought me to Horizen was technology and full transparency with regular development updates and livestreams. I used to also GPU mine Horizen while it was possible. I honestly believe Horizen has more potential than even Ethereum, and that’s why I am following Horizen all these years and even became an ambassador.


Hello, everyone! I’m Yiğit, sending greetings to everyone from Turkey! I’ve been following the crypto market since 2009, but don’t worry, I’m not one of those Bitcoin millionaires. Back when I was under 18, I didn’t have the chance to buy Bitcoin, but I really wanted to :slight_smile:

My interest in the crypto market began in 2012. I made my first investment in 2016 and started focusing on Stellar because speed was crucial for me at that time. Until 2020, I tried to keep up with privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, one of which was Monero. Although a bit late, I experimented with mining in 2020. However, it was challenging for me due to the technical knowledge required. After that, I discovered Horizen, which combines all these aspects and truly prioritizes privacy. I’ve been following Horizen for about 1.5 years.

My first investment here was in the faucet area, and then I saw its promising future, so I decided to stay. Additionally, I improved my skills in virtual machines. I am very happy to be a part of this community. If you have any questions related to Turkey, feel free to ask me 24/7; I’ll be happy to answer them. Together with Horizen, here’s to safer tomorrows! :rocket::blue_heart:


FWIW some others consider you a ZEN OG, as well :slight_smile:

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