Rethinking on-chain privacy in an age of regulatory uncertainty

Sharing an article I wrote with my thoughts on ZenIP-42207, quickly removing the last of the privacy features for Horizen, and how I think about what’s next.

One day I predict that all cryptocurrencies will have full privacy by default. That day is not today and those projects aren’t going mainstream anytime soon. Regulators will likely crack down on coin anonymity for obvious reasons, and they’ll have embellished arguments around outlier examples to justify the crusade. But one day they will lose and privacy will be a human right.


Hi Rob.
Great to see your thoughts on ZenIP42207.

I think Rob has a great point.
Some may be concerned about Horizen move, but I support it.
I think we are well on our way to bridging the enterprise and web3.
I think the lack of speed is a disadvantage. But based on team recent work, I think Horizen will be fine.

From this article, I think we will see some really cool Horizen in the future. I’m looking forward to Horizen 2.0.


I strongly agree with your statement

However, many community members are puzzled about the part you mentioned.
Now that Horizen is not an privacy coin, what role will it play?
Some people also think that HL has ended its research on Zk.
Can we hear about what HL has in store for the future, such as current research (ex. Zk voting)
Please as much as you can tell.


Sorry you guys have to wait for the upcoming ZenIP we’ll be proposing for “New Horizen” :slight_smile:

I mentioned my personal convictions about privacy and where I see the industry going long term after regulatory clarity, that’s not a statement about where we are now with Horizen and certainly not something that should be interpreted that we’re reverting back to being a privacy coin anytime soon. One day I think privacy will be commoditized, not specialized with “privacy coins” …every digital asset will have strong privacy built into it. Like I repeatedly said in the article: that day is not today, and Horizen has long ago moved on to other things.


I see, and hopefully ‘New Horizen’ will be as quick as this ZenIP42207.

Thank you for always communicating and being there.


lol it’ll be as quick as ZenIP-42207 in terms of the proposal write-up, but it’ll be about 100x more difficult in terms of engineering lift :slight_smile:


Right now ZK seems to be able to be used in a some places with no problems.

One is using it to create a proof that demonstrates the validity of other information. This is the way the Zendoo cross chain protocol works. As far as I know, no other cross-chain transfer protocol is using ZK proofs yet.

There are chains that are using ZK proofs to interact with Ethereum and provide an Ethereum L2. This is chains like zkSync Era, Linea, Starknet, Polygon zkEVM. A full list can be seen here: L2BEAT – The state of the layer two ecosystem

ZK proofs is one of the most exciting areas of exploration in Web3 and blockchain.

If someone can make ZK games that can create card games like Poker, where the online players can’t see each others hands, it would be a huge opportunity. Perhaps there might even be composable blockchain elements which can be optimized for ZK based games.

This would mean the identity of the players should be protected as well, perhaps using a ZK based decentralized identity.

There are many ways of using ZK in the web3 space without doing a frontal assault on the payments space


Hi Rolf

This can be a unique advantage of Horizen.

Q1. Is there anything else that makes Zendoo great compared to other CCTPs?


It’s sad that Celsius had an accident and Zendoo seems to have lost its influence.
We had a great ecosystem. Iota, Dash, DAO, etc.

Q2. I wonder if there is any ongoing collaboration with them now.

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Celsius and some of the other organization that have gone away demonstrate an important part of the cryptocurrency space.

An important part of being successful is staying in operation, keeping the team together, and not getting shut down by either running out of funds or going directly against regulatory agencies.


I’d be so thrilled to see a ZK-enabled DID solution by Horizen :slight_smile:

Sad to see that regulation doesn’t follow the users’ needs. But we still have room for research and development in the ZK industry, and that is exciting!

well, I guess New Horizen needs to step it up and go beyond ZK proofs for cross chain protocols. I’m sure they will

Then I hope you’ll be thrilled to see the next steps :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if you are a community member supporting the project, I’d like to see less FUD from you.

We have a pretty supportive atmosphere from the community, generally speaking. I don’t think it’s good for the community or the teams to have this kind of feedback, 95% of which is negative (from you).

The debate is of course open and the aim is to answer all possible questions.

However, please keep a positive spirit, because otherwise your posts may be considered as fud, which is grounds for banning (which we haven’t done so far).

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, as you may know.

And all your comments tend to share your fear, uncertainty, and doubts about the recent (and previous) announcements, progress, propositions, well, everything.

“Let’s see what it will be about.
I’m sorry I can’t feel the excitement” is obviously a doubt, and it’s a single example. I can find one for approximately any answer you provide. But the goal is not to make a list here.

At the risk of repeating myself, the purpose of being part of a community is to support a project.

And so far I haven’t seen a single post from you supporting the project.

Personally, I don’t want to ban you for asking questions.

You can ask questions, and you can debate, but if the goal is to bring negativity to the community, I don’t think it’s necessary.

If you believe in the project and want to contribute to its growth, you’re welcome.

If you’re here to question every proposal and don’t trust anyone in the Horizen ecosystem, the door is wide open.

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