Discord: Hi @everyone, exciting news! Earlier today, at Block Height

Hi @everyone, exciting news!

Earlier today, at Block Height 1502800, the hard fork removing the Shielded Pool was successfully activated on the Horizen mainchain. It’s official: $ZEN is no longer a privacy token! :tada:

After the hard fork, any shielded pool transactions will be rejected, and only transparent transactions (t → t) can be submitted. Mining pools are minting as regularly expected.

This is a follow-up to the successful Community Vote on ZenIP 42207, which passed and pushed forward the complete removal of the shielded pool from the Horizen mainchain.

This is an exciting development for the Horizen Ecosystem, marking the completed response to the evolving regulatory environment around privacy tokens, which $ZEN is no longer.

Earlier this year, $ZEN, the native token of the Horizen ecosystem, experienced a de-listing from OKX and a monitoring tag by Binance. Our community has overwhelmingly supported the shift away from privacy features and we’re excited to announce the successful hard fork today, February 7th, officially moving $ZEN away from being a privacy token.

We are very thankful to our community for all of their efforts and support during this process!

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