February 7th Deadline: Horizen v5.0.0 Hard Fork - Shielded Pool Closure

Following ZenIP 42207, the upcoming ZEN update, v5.0.0 will disable the shielded pool. This crucial update is scheduled for activation on February 7th and will introduce a hard fork in our network.

Urgent Call for Users with ZEN in the Shielded Pool: If you still have ZEN in the shielded pool, please move it out immediately. With the activation of the hard fork, the shielded pool will be deactivated, and any ZEN remaining there risks permanent loss. To protect your ZEN, take action now.

For assistance in moving your ZEN from the shielded pool to transparent addresses, please refer to this helpful guide:

How to De-shield ZEN on Sphere Wallet.


thanks for the update & guide! @rocket

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