ZenIP 42207 passes: Private transactions are over on Horizen, here’s what you need to do

Dear Horizen Community,

You recently voted yes to the ZenIP 42207 proposing the complete removal of the shielded pool from the Horizen mainchain.

Since the private transactions and private addresses won’t be accessible anymore when the hardfork ZEN 5.0.0 (coming very soon) will be live, you need to de-shield your ZEN before this date to avoid losing your funds.

Failure to remove ZEN from shielded pools prior to the hard fork will result in the loss of your ZEN.

If you need some support, please head to #open-a-ticket channel on Discord and select “De-shielding my ZEN” or answer to this topic here.

We will be happy to help you.

A blog post recaps everything you need to know about this ZenIP 42207 is available