Report on Slide Presentation and Representation of Horizen at UbuntuAfrica Meetup/Workshop

Event Details: Canonical UbuntuAfrica meetup/workshop on 18th/11/2023


I had the honor of representing Horizen at the Canonical UbuntuAfrica meetup/workshop, delivering a comprehensive 15-minute slide presentation focused on the momentous Horizen EON Mainnet Launch. The event gathered approximately 120 participants, including web2/web3 developers and non-technical individuals, some esteemed members of the Ubuntu team also joined providing an excellent platform to showcase Horizen’s innovations in the multi-chain ecosystem.

Slide Presentation Overview:

  1. Horizen EON Mainnet Launch: The presentation commenced with the title “Horizen EON Mainnet Launch: A Milestone in Horizen’s Multi-Chain Ecosystem,” setting the stage for an exploration of Horizen’s blockchain advancements.

  2. Why Horizen EON? Highlighted unique features, such as full EVM compatibility, streamlined dapp development, and strategic utilization of Ethereum’s resources.

  3. Horizen’s Advancements: Explored advancements beyond Ethereum’s limitations, including Zendoo ZK-powered cross-chain protocol and horizontal scaling solutions for wider blockchain adoption.

  1. Empowering Web3 Developers: Emphasized Horizen’s commitment to supporting Web3 developers by addressing challenges and offering solutions.

  1. EON Ecosystem Focus: Showcased comprehensive support mechanisms for the EON Ecosystem, including integrations, business development assistance, and avenues for accessing resources.

  1. The EON Identity: Highlighted EON’s role in bridging Web2 and Web3, serving as a hub for consumer dapps and an optimized ecosystem for everyday users.

  2. Protocol Integrations and Partnerships: Showcased a vibrant ecosystem, emphasizing core values and key integrations with various partners.

  3. Embrace the Web3 Revolution: Concluded with an invitation for attendees to join the Web3 revolution, urging participation in the Horizen EON ecosystem.


Throughout the event, the Horizen logo was prominently displayed both in printed and electronic format as sponsors, reinforcing our support for the wider tech community.


The UbuntuAfrica meetup/workshop served as an exceptional platform to showcase Horizen’s groundbreaking strides within the multi-chain ecosystem. The 15-minute slide presentation on the Horizen EON Mainnet Launch effectively encapsulated our commitment to innovation and advancement. The engagement with developers and participants underscored the pressing need for attention within the growing web3 ecosystem in Africa.

Some clips from the event!


wonderful post and contribution to the Horizen Ecosystem. well done!


Thank you DefiMoneyPrinter! :slightly_smiling_face:

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