Report on Representing Horizen at Lagos Blockchain Week

Event: Lagos Blockchain Week
Date: June 15, 2024
Location: Radisson Blu, Lagos


On June 15, 2024, I had the privilege of representing Horizen at the Lagos Blockchain Week, held at the Radisson Blu in Lagos. The event provided an excellent opportunity to network with other blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and projects, as well as to promote Horizen’s innovative solutions and upcoming developments.


  • Promote Horizen and its upcoming EON 2.0
  • Engage with developers and blockchain projects
  • Distribute Horizen promotional materials


Promotional Efforts: I brought over 50 Horizen stickers to the event, which were distributed among attendees. This small token sparked numerous conversations about Horizen, its current offerings, and the exciting features of the upcoming EON 2.0.

Developer Engagement: A significant highlight of the event was my interaction with various developers. I provided detailed explanations about EON and the anticipated EON 2.0, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize blockchain technology. One developer showed a keen interest in building on EON, marking a successful connection that could lead to future collaboration.

Networking: I connected with several prominent projects within the blockchain space, including Intmax, Kleros, Manta, and Solana, exploring potential synergies and integration opportunities.

Additional Observations

  • Community Feedback: Received valuable feedback from the community, which highlighted a strong interest in Horizen’s upcoming developments. Some Attendees I interacted with were particularly keen to see EON 2.0 and were pleasantly surprised that it will be both EVM compatible and ZK optimized. This dual compatibility excited many developers and enthusiasts, indicating a promising reception for EON 2.0.


Attending Lagos Blockchain Week was a rewarding experience. It allowed me to promote Horizen effectively and make meaningful connections.


I love the T-shirt with Saturn :rocket:

Thank you for representing Horizen and promoting Horizen 2.0.
I also think that it’s a major and necessary step for the ecosystem.

I also see a lot of girls here. What is the percentage of women at these events?

Looks like it’s more than in France, where we have between 10 and 15% of women even with all the efforts made to bring more of them.

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Thank you Manon!:slightly_smiling_face:
It truly a rewarding experience!
The percentage of women in web3 here is quite high. A recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that women make up approximately 30% of the tech workforce here, and this diversity is reflected in the attendance at these events. They’re Web3 women organisations like Web3ladies , ShecodeAfrica , Women in Defi and more who are helping to onboard alot of women in web3. I personally enjoy listening to them at events.

I feel each region will respond differently, but I believe more will come in even in France.

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Thank you for telling so many people in Lagos about Horizen and the change to EON 2.0!


Thank you! It was a fantastic opportunity to share about Horizen and the exciting updates coming with EON 2.0. The enthusiasm about blockchain tech in Lagos is always incredible!

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