June 24 week ecosystem news

Dear Community members,

:100: New ZenIP passes

Thank you all for participating in the Horizen DAO

With this ZenIP, the Horizen ecosystem reaches new milestones:

  • A new record was reached in terms of participation with 846 votes. It’s the most powerful ZenIP and shows a continuous growth in voting activity;
  • It’s the community’s GO that starts our journey towards a new, more efficient ecosystem, combined with our deep expertise in ZK technologies, while respecting the historical values of the project.
  • Validation of a DAO system that is working, and for which there is real support from all of the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Congratulations everyone.
EON 1.4 ready for download

On the way to EON 2.0, there are still some great improvements for the current EON.

The EON 1.4 hardfork will take place on Thursday, June 27th at 1593 (16:55pm UTC), this is a mandatory update, please make sure you update before the hardfork date.

See you next week as we bring you more ecosystem advancements!

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Great, happy to understand the roadmap

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