June 06 weekly recap

Dear community members,

This week was marked by major news, all related to our EON ecosystem.

:speaking_head: Share your thoughts on the new ZenIP

The ZenIP 42406: Technical Roadmap for the Migration of $ZEN and EON draft was published this last Thursday.
In this proposal, Horizen Labs details the strategic technical plan for transitioning the $ZEN cryptocurrency from the current Horizen Mainchain and Horizen EON EVM to an advanced blockchain architecture, EON 2.0.
The vote will happen on June 18th, so ask your questions to make sure you’re making the right choice - that’s what the DAO is for!

Road to EON 1.4

We are in the implementation phase of the ZenIP 42404: Delegated Staking Reward Mechanism on EON.
Next Monday, a hardfork will happen on the Gobi testnet to carry out the advancements proposed by the ZenIP, such as:

  • A new stake management with support of rewards distribution to delegators via smart contract.
  • A new algorithm for distribution of rewards from the mainchain (not once per week but diluted through each epoch).

Visit our blogpost to know more about this upgrade: EON 1.4 - Version Changes and Update Instructions - Horizen Blog

:ledger: Some EON reading for the weekend

EON documentation has been updated.

Our team and community members are very responsive. If you have some questions, head to Discord to get all the answers you need.

:inbox_tray: ZEN 5.0.3 available for download

Mainnet Node Software Upgrade ZEN 5.0.3 is Available to Download. This is an official maintenance release for mainnet and testnet, and it will not perform any network upgrade on mainnet via hard fork.

Visit our blog to learn more about it: Mainnet Node Software Upgrade: ZEN 5.0.3 is Available to Download - Horizen Blog

I hope that you were happy to read these news, have a great week-end :handshake:

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