Discord: Hey everyone, Would you like to know what happened this week

Hey everyone,

Would you like to know what happened this week on the Horizen?
Here is the weekly recap :date:

:ballot_box: ZenIP

You have one day left to vote for or against the last ZenIP-42405 Directing the Horizen Foundation to Request a Migration Proposal for $ZEN and EON.

If the ZenIP passes, Horizen Labs will propose a ZenIP in the near future to propose a migration path for $ZEN and EON, follow the news on our social networks to not miss the future ZenIPs and to share your thoughts with us. :bulb:

:gift: I’ts still Horizen Birthday on the Horizen Discord and Twitter!

Check on the Daily Quiz channel every day to participate in the anniversary quizzes and earn $ZEN.

Our ambassadors are also creating contests, to spot the contests and participate, follow the #7YearsForHorizen on X.

Horizen EON is available on Safe. Safe is a well-known and secure digital asset manager for Web3.
Check here: https://horizen-eon.safe.onchainden.com/

Thank you all for reading this recap, feel free to reach out to our team and community on Discord if you have any questions :handshake:

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Busy week, full of news and updates. Onwards and upwards :raised_hands:

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