Voting opens soon on ZenIP 42406

Dear Community Members,

:ballot_box: Voting opens soon

The ZenIP 42406: Technical Roadmap for the Migration of $ZEN and EON will open for voting on June 18th at 12pm EST.
Make sure you follow all the steps to be eligible to vote and make all your ZEN count: Horizen DAO: Proposal and voting procedure - Horizen Blog
And visit the Horizen DAO forum to make sure you understand the proposal before you vote: ZenIP 42406 DRAFT: Technical Roadmap for the Migration of $ZEN and EON
You can also check out the FAQ on our recent blog post:

<:EON_white:1098897250647818290> New Partners for EON

We have two new partners in the Horizen EON ecosystem this week.

See you for another awesome week :wave:


I have a questions

  1. Are all 21 million ZENs in circulation as they migrate?
  2. Is it the same way it is mined now?
    2-1. Is ZEN Halving maintained?
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Hello, the tokenomics will be discussed on another ZenIP. But yes we maintain the 21 million ZEN

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