Community-Led Party: ValEONtine's Day Carnival

I am hosting the ValEONtine’s Day Carnival, the community-led party that will fill your heart with fuzzy feelings and your mind with good vibes. Join us on the 14th of February at 6 PM UTC in the Horizen Discord for fun, games and prizes!

Let’s go back to party vibes, love hearts and blockchain innovation! Want to win some $ZEN? Colour Zenny, then share it on X with the #ValEONtine tag to show your love for Horizen. All art will go into a round of community votes during the party, and the best entries will receive prizes!

The deadline for sumbiting your colored Zenny is 4 PM UTC on the 14th of February! Lacking artistic skills and inspiration? We have a lot of events that cover all aspects of life! What’s your niche? We have something for everyone.


Who’s ready to share love tonight? Still time to color Zenny and earn some $LOVE


I like the shiny Zenny!
Where are the other entries?

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Here are all entries