Query Regarding Horizen's Monitoring Tag on Binance and Liquidity Issues

Hi team

I have some questions regarding the monitoring tag assigned to Horizen on Binance.

I suspect that the monitoring tag may have been assigned due to liquidity issues. I’d like to know Horizen team’s perspective on this matter.

While privacy issues seem to have been resolved, I’m curious about the solutions being considered for liquidity problems.

Is there a way to confirm whether AUROS is fulfilling its role effectively?

Have you checked if there are any issues with Binance’s 5-minute candles being empty?

Lastly, I’m interested in learning about the efforts the Horizen team is making to address these issues. Providing clear understanding and solutions to this matter would greatly benefit users like myself.

I would appreciate it if you could provide answers to these questions. Having a clear understanding of the issue and potential solutions would be very helpful for Holders.

Thank you.


This problem is really important.
I believe the team is already aware of this and will take appropriate action and share it with the community.


I hope we listen from the team about it very soon. This could not be because of liquidity but because of the privacy issue and the binance authorities will have to re study the core of ZEN coin as today the privacy features are removed.


We have been in consistent contact with Binance. They confirmed previously that the tag was added for privacy concerns. They noted that reviews occur quarterly and when asked why it wasn’t removed last quarter, they did not respond.

Unfortunately, we cannot force Binance to do anything. We can only continue to reach out to them to try and get clarification and bring the issue to light. We recommend that the community also contact Binance regarding questions about the tag. The more people shining a spotlight on the tag, the more likely it will be noted as an issue.

After consistently inquiring with Binance for some time, the response has been that the high volatility and liquidity are the reasons.

Currently, the MM contracted with our team is not fulfilling their duties.

Improvements related to the MM are necessary.

If necessary, replacement of MM can also be considered.

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It’s important to understand several things here.

  • Our MM is monitored and fulfills his KPIs. Reports can’t be shared, and that’s perfectly normal;
  • More and more projects are considered at “high risk” with Binance;
  • The monitoring tag does NOT mean delisting;
  • ZEN is available on other major exchanges;
  • We don’t control Binance’s decisions;
  • You can reach Binance and report their answers. You said you did, but I don’t see any community feedback on that. Please share so we can investigate on this side, especially if we don’t get the same answers.

That means, does the team know when there are gaps in the order book?

Coin MM is primarily responsible for providing liquidity on exchanges and stabilizing market prices. This promotes trading activity and provides stability for traders.

It’s inefficient to continue contracts when team know MM can’t do your part.

Binance answer




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The customer service team doesn’t know why the compliance team added the tag, so they provided you with the quote from what the tag itself says. The “and risks” portion of the tag is that massive verbal gray area where many different aspects can exist like regulatory compliance [as they mentioned]. As they mentioned, the tag doesn’t indicate imminent delisting.

We appreciate you reaching out and recommend that others continue to reach out to Binance to help support our cause. As Manon said, the more people that bring up issues with the tag, the more eyes that will be on it. :slight_smile:

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