Binance Monitoring tag removed

Hi @everyone, great news for the Horizen community, Binance has removed the monitoring tag for $ZEN, recognizing its strong performance and stability!:tada::muscle:

What does this mean for Horizen ($ZEN)? :thinking:

**-Consistent Stability and Confidence: **Indicates that $ZEN has demonstrated consistent stability and security, reducing concerns over volatility and risk.

-Improved Listing Criteria: Indicates that $ZEN meets Binance’s stringent listing criteria, including strong development activity, team commitment, and a secure network.

-Positive Market Perception: Reflects a positive outlook on $ZEN, increasing user confidence and encouraging more participation in the Horizen ecosystem.

With the recent passing of ZenIP 42406, the Horizen ecosystem is set to transform to Horizen 2.0, following the vision of Horizen as a home for ZK and enhanced utility for $ZEN! :fire:

Ready to dive into $ZEN? Learn more about this transition in our blog post: ZenIP 42406: EON and $ZEN Migration - High Level Overview - Horizen Blog

Announcement from Binance on the removal of $ZEN from the Monitoring Tag List: Binance Will Extend the Monitoring Tag to Include BAL, CTXC, CVP, CVX, DOCK, HARD, IRIS, MBL, POLS, SNT & SUN and Remove the Monitoring Tag for MLN & ZEN on 2024-07-01 | Binance Announcement,Binance news