Discord: Hi @everyone, reminder! Full Secure Node deprecation is tomo

Hi @everyone, reminder!

Full Secure Node deprecation is tomorrow, March 11th!

The coinbase reward that secure nodes were receiving will be repurposed to EON forger nodes.

For step-by-step instructions to set up and run an EON forger node, check out our GitHub repository: compose-evm-simplified/docs/FORGER.md at main · HorizenOfficial/compose-evm-simplified · GitHub

For additional information about the deprecation, be sure to check out our blog post to learn more: Secure Node Full Deprecation Timeline & EON Forger Node Instructions - Horizen Blog

For any questions, or any needed support during the transition, please be sure to open a ticket on <#1108673182799507486>, or reach out to the team on one of the Discord channels!