Discord: @everyone 🚀 We are excited to announce that Horizen EON is

@everyone :rocket: We are excited to announce that Horizen EON is now integrated with VetMe, a cutting-edge OTC platform in web3. This integration aims at bringing VetMe’s trading features into the EON ecosystem & enhancing efficiency in web3 trading. Learn more: Horizen EON Integrates with VetMe to Enhance EON with OTC Trading Capabilities - Horizen Blog

↔️OTC Dex enables direct peer-to-peer transactions, providing a decentralized & efficient trading experience.
VetMe offers maximum OTC trading flexibility for its users & allows them to swap tokens without impacting market prices, providing greater control over their trades.

VetMe’s Escrow and AI-powered KYC services enhance security and accuracy in identity verification, providing all users in the Horizen EON ecosystem with a secure and efficient trading experience.:raised_hands: Visit the VetMe OTC platform https://otc.vetmeblock.com


It’s nice to see more protocols joining EON.

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