Discord: @everyone 🚨 Security Alert: The SpookySwap community has re

@everyone :rotating_light: Security Alert: The SpookySwap community has reported some security issues potentially due to a possible vulnerability. As a safety precaution, we recommend Horizen EON users revoke all wallet access to SpookySwap until further notice from the Spooky team.
The quickest and easiest way to revoke your wallet access is through RevokeCash. You can follow this video tutorial for instructions: https://revoke.cash

More information on the related threat: https://twitter.com/TraderJoe_xyz/status/1725628622524883448


I’d be curious if this has effected anyone in our community.


well, I had set up some small liquidity pools on spookswap eon. I can’t figure out how to access them right now. But the spookyswap liquidity tokens are still tied to my EON address, so I expect they’ll be ok.

When I checked on revoke.cash, there was nothing for me to revoke, so I appear to not be affected by the bug

my understanding was this was only a frontend compromised - If my understanding was correct that this was similar to the TraderJoe issue.

From that, users would have had to use the platform during the time the front end had been compromised as was sending swap transactions and other functions of the dex through an unverified contract outside of normal functionality, causing loss of user funds who connected and used the dex (while the frontend compromise was still active)

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its strange there was nothing to revoke on there since to create liquidity pools you would have had to approved each asset of a pair to be deposited and and approved the LP token representing the pair to be deposited. so there should have been at a minimum 3 outstanding approvals to revoke if they had not been revoked previously

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That’s kind of what I thought - I guess will see when SpookySwap for EON is up and running again. I can’t find a way to use it right now.

hey can you try to go to the main Spookyswap URL and use the drop down to HorizenEON?

I was kind of wondering why EON had its own URL (before all this), when most multichain dex’s use the same URL with the dropdown to select network like this

P.S. this worked for me - just have to make sure your wallet is connected to EON when selecting it.

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additional note: when I select Horizen EON from the drop down and then click “Visit Old Spooky” the link https://eon.v2.spooky.fi/#/swap is still active and working.

Seems like the only one not working is eon.spooky.fi currently

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thanks - that works. I see that I have potions in the liquidity pool, but they do not appear to be earning anything.

Maybe that’s what the farming part of spookyswap is for. But that appears to not be working yet

in dex’s simply pooling are going to earn only your pool share % times the LP fees collected based on volume.

Considering the launch is fairly new and volumes on pairs is relatively low, you may not see much as far as “growth” of the LP until a longer time frame and volumes come.

Farming essentially is incentivizing certain pairs by allowing certain LP pairs to stake the LP tokens to receive an additional reward token (in the case of Spookyswap, at least in the past - being $BOO)

From their documentation - LPs should be recieving at least 0.17% of the trading volume on the pair * the LPs pool share.

"When you swap (trade) on the exchange, you will pay a 0.2% trading fee (0.22% for limit orders), of which 0.17% is returned to liquidity pools as a reward for liquidity providers and 0.03% to xBOO Stakers. None of this fee is going to the treasury or dev fund like traditional DEXs.

Conversely, when you provide liquidity, you will earn that fee."

So my assumption is that most variations of the liquidity thus far are only variations of impermanent loss, and a small degree of reward from trading volume, simply for liquidity providing currently. If yield farming incentives are to come for important pairs for liquidity and trading, you can expect to earn both the LP fee accrual & additional yield farming incentives once LPs would stake their LP tokens into a farm ing reward contract.

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Thanks for explaining that. Perhaps I’ll add a little bit more liquidity when I have a chance then

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