Daily-tasks and Daily quizzes on the Horizen Discord server

Daily-tasks allow community members to learn more about Horizen and get little reards to participate in the project.

End of 2023, quizzes are coming on the Horizen Discord server to propose new incentives to the community and leverage their knowledge.

Daily-Tasks and Quizzes Rules

To be eligible: Don’t use someone else submission and write an engaging post with more than 5 words!
A Weekly Bonus is obtained if you submit a post or participate in the quiz daily from Monday to Saturday.
Weekend tasks are restricted to people who have reached Zenewbie rank and above on our Discord server (participate in other channels to become Zenewbie).

Eligibility reminder for the daily task:

  • State that you have completed a task
  • Attach screenshots and a link if applicable to the completed task

For the quiz, just answer the quiz :slight_smile:

NOTE: The tips are issued once per day. Please be patient as we verify tasks and issue the tips accordingly.

To participate in tasks you must meet the following: Your social media accounts must be at least 60 days old, must have 10 followers, and a profile picture (for daily tasks).
Your Discord account must be at least 60 days old and have a profile image.

NEW Schedule for Daily-tasks and quizzes

Week-end on EON: Perform a task on Horizen EON

Monday recap: Write a post or thread about either your experience with Horizen EON on the weekend task, or about your favorite last week’s Horizen news

Tuesday Like and Share or Comment: Like and share (or comment) a post about Horizen.

Wed Quiz: Answer to the quiz about recent Horizen news

Thursday for knowledge: Can be a blogpost, third-party article, Horizen Academy

Friday quiz: What did you learn this week?


Daily-task are great, because is an excellent way to stay active and learning about the ecosystem in its different products

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Thank you for your feedback

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