ZenIP Proposal - Grant/Sponsorship for Web3 Introductory video series

Good morning! I would like to present an official ZenIP proposal for the DAO to sponsor our Intro to Web3 Video Series (find the original post here).

  • Preamble — The licensing of the video production we intend to create falls under Creative Commons, thus satisfying the requirement according to the constitution.
  • Terminology – Definitions of technical or non-obvious terms used in the document.
    • “Web3 Literacy” - refers to the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate and transact in the decentralized web. It involves understanding core principles, such as decentralization, digital identity, etc., and concepts like digital wallets, tokens, and smart contracts.
  • Abstract
    • The PRBTA seeks a sponsorship/grant from the HorizenDAO for the creation of an introductory “Web3 Literacy” video mini-series meant to educate/inform the Puertorrican public about Web3 and that can take every-day-people from a place of cero knowledge to having the information and tools they need to navigate the decentralized Web.
  • Motivation – .
    • Most of the content that already exists is not “basic” enough, and fails to be helpful for potential users who are curious about Web3 but lack the knowledge to feel safe exploring it.
  • Rationale
    • Puerto Rico is a Tech Hub, as it was officially declared last October by the US Federal Government.
    • Educating Puerto Ricans on Web3 topics benefits them and the Web3 ecosystem, as it empowers them to take action using decentralized technologies and creating community-led use-cases.
    • Supporting this type of content aligns with HORIZEN’s guiding value of Social Responsibility.

I followed the format required by the Constitution as best as I could, and added this document for further clarifications. That being said, please let me know if I’m missing anything of if there’s anything I should correct.

Thank you,


Hi Shirley, thank you for your submission. We will keep the proposal open for an additional 7 days to gather more feedback and gauge community support.

Im not really seeing how this will benefit Horizen, or New Horizon for that matter. For me to consider voting for it I would need to see a direct benefit. Right now we are in the midst of recreating an Identity, I think its more important to focus the DAO funds on things that directly support the New Horizen Identity, not blockchain in general.

Based on statistics (population, current performance, etc.), how many views can be expected both online and offline?
Can you explain the number of views achievable and the time period?


Based on our audience, we’d expect a few 100 views on the first episode over a week or two, but we’d also expect that number to grow as the videos are released and there’s more awareness.

Thank you for your question.