ZenIP - Horizen India Roadshow


This proposal seeks to drive the growth and adoption of Horizen in India’s blockchain ecosystem. The “Horizen India Roadshow” program proposes engaging with a mature set of builders to bring quality contributions on top of the Horizen Blockchain.


As per Nasscom, India is home to the world’s most extensive developer community, boasting approximately 5.4 million developers. This surpasses the 4.4 million programmers in the USA as of 2023. Despite having the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem, India frequently faces challenges in training and education due to a lack of knowledge, hindering a smooth transition into the realm of Web3.

The objective of “Horizen India Roadshow” is to narrow this knowledge gap by uniting experts, developers, startups, and enthusiasts of Web3. The goal is to facilitate discussions on the latest trends, obstacles, opportunities, and the effective utilization of the Horizen Ecosystem, the upcoming New Horizen upgrade, build relations with exisiting and new Web3 projects based of India and to help them build the future of Web3 with Horizen.


It has been evident that developers from India tend to adhere to protocols that receive their early support, as demonstrated by the flourishing Solana and Polygon ecosystem in India.

The primary objective is to increase awareness about the Horizen blockchain and the advancements it’s making in the Proof of Verification domain through its initiative, New Horizen. This is aimed at users, developers, and builders in India, and will be achieved through a series of offline meetups and community-focused initiatives.


  1. Launch Horizen in India and strengthen Horizen’s presence in the Indian Web3 community by:
    1. Educating the Indian builder community on Horizen’s benefits and unique features
      1. Exploring the latest in Horizen architecture
      2. Horizen EON’s development and the sidechain architecture.
      3. Showcase innovative Horizen-based projects and startups.
      4. Advancement in the protocol modularity.
      5. Importance of Proof Verification.
      6. New Horizen - vision, plan and developments.
    2. Create a networking platform for industry experts, developers, and projects on Horizen.
    3. Establish a lead channel of prominent Indian Web3 startups for Horizen Labs.


The proposed plan involves organizing a pilot for a one-day physical event in the city of Bangalore as part of the extended Horizen India Roadshow initiative (multi-city event).

Bangalore, recognized as the Silicon Valley of India, will host the pilot event that gathers a diverse assembly of startup, developer, and entrepreneurial individuals from both the Web2 and Web3 realms.

To execute this initiative successfully, collaboration with local Web3 communities (such as The Phoenix Guild, HER DAO, Foundership, Headstart, and others). This collaboration aims to ensure effective promotion and extensive social outreach for our events.

The objective of choosing Bangalore as the city for the pilot is because Bangalore has been the epicenter of technology in India. A lot of famous projects like Polygon, Shardium, Push Protocol, and others have started their Web3 journey from the city of Bangalore. Raising awareness and promoting the adoption of the Horizen chain within diverse ecosystems will put Horizen right at the center of India’s Web3 space. Subsequently, the larger focus would be on reaching distinct target audiences and expanding the Horizen India community through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations elucidating the Horizen Network and its ecosystem.

With a target attendance of over 100 participants chosen from a pool of more than 250 applications, the initiative is anticipated to offer a platform for participants to share knowledge, forge new connections, stimulate growth, and create opportunities for collaborating with Horizen in India and beyond. Leveraging community partners, influencers, and personal networks, the goal is also to broaden the Horizen Network’s reach, connecting with Indian projects and dApps like Transak, Synthr, Lync, Stader, Biconomy, and others to foster development for Horizen.


The following is a tentative timeline for the initiative which will be improved in consultation with the team.

Activity Timeline
Launch and Promotion for applications 0 - 30 days
Bangalore Event 45th day
Final Report Submission 65th day

Goals, KPIs, and Deliverables

To ensure the program’s success, it is crucial to assess the effectiveness of the initiative. Hence, the forthcoming KPIs will be employed to gauge the prosperity of the suggested initiative:

Goal KPIs Target
Increase Awareness and Reach of Horizen in India Number of attendees • At least 80 - 100 curated attendees.
• Establish partnerships with relevant projects
Social media reach 16,000+ impressions from the Web3 community in India
Establishing an Indian Leads Channel for Horizen Labs Number of leads from the program 5-10 Leads of prominent Indian Web3 projects that can be onboarded to Horizen
Evaluate the Success of the Project Feedback and Testimonials Gather anonymous feedback from attendees and speakers to gauge satisfaction and improve future initiatives
Comprehensive Report Create a comprehensive report to evaluate the success of the huddle and its potential for replication in other regions.


  • Organizing, a one-day (pilot) event in Bangalore.
  • Garnering an attendance of 80-100 participants.
  • Establish an Indian Web3 Leads Channel and generate 5-10 leads from the pilot event.
  • Launching and expanding the Horizen community in India.
  • Establishing a robust community of Horizen builders and enthusiasts in India.
  • Generating a comprehensive report that highlights the metrics and outcomes of the events.

Cost Estimate

The total estimated cost for the pilot is approximately $7,775. Below is a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost: Click here
Note: Costs are exclusive of all crypto taxes.

Future Plans

Once the event reaches its conclusion and the report is submitted, there is a possibility of organizing subsequent events in the cities of Mumbai and Hyderabad, which are also prominent places for the Web3 and Crypto Trading community in India. Later on, an extensive training program can be planned, revolving around participants enrolled in the “Build for Horizen Bootcamp” initiative. The main goal would be to bolster the Horizen network by fostering connections with key developers and aiding them in the creation of projects within the Horizen ecosystem. This would extend possible leads for the ecosystem and enterprises that can be onboarded to Horizen. The choice of a boot camp stems from its unique advantages. Bootcamp initiatives generally operate on a more extended timeline and are crafted with a comprehensive perspective. This ensures that the resulting projects are not only technically robust but also possess the depth to make a lasting impact on the ecosystem. This impact extends beyond technical proficiency, encompassing the knowledge and insight needed to navigate the intricacies of the business aspects of product development.

In addition, the goal would be to find Web3 projects and extensions for the use of New Horizen’s Proof Verification system within homegrown blockchain protocols and Web3 projects.


this looks great - thanks a lot for taking the initiative to organize!

look forward to seeing Horizen’s expansion in India


Thank you @rinoma !
Really appreciate the support!

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I fully support this ZenIP and I am very glad to see this community initiative.

I’d love to see this first Indian roadshow becoming the Horizen community meetup standard!

Thanks a lot for your engagement as an ambassador and for this well detailed and written ZenIP @martindoc


I think early developer support is a necessary part of a project. As mentioned above, people are more comfortable using what they are used to early on, so it is very good to bring developers into a project with early developer support.


This idea sounds really good. India is a huge market that could be very important for Horizen. Do you think offering grants through some form of contest may help, or would this not be needed at this point? Im just thinking in terms of what other blockchains do to bring in new developers to build.


Hello @sye54,

I believe that offering grants through contests could be a beneficial approach. However, the effectiveness of this strategy largely depends on the nature of the contest. If we organize events like Hackathons or Bootcamps, then it would be a sensible approach. On the other hand, random contests with grants as prizes may not attract a significant number of developers. Which is why in the “future plans” section we’ve mentioned that eventually we’ll organize such completion to attract developers and get them hands-on with Horizen.

Hope that answers your question, also do let me know you thoughts?

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Thankyou for the response. I reread the “future plans” part and see what you mean. I must have missed it the first time.
I really like this Zenip and believe it could be a great use of Dao funds. If the roadshow goes as planned, The ripple effect could be huge


Love the initiative !!!


I’m also a really big fan of this and think the proposal was well done. You have my support.


Thank you @finpunk, @Manon, @dYAYgo, @CrustyCrabs, and @sye54 for all the support!


Totally behind the Horizen India Roadshow idea! India’s got a massive pool of talent that’s ripe for diving into the Web3 world. This plan to educate and build community is spot on. Really excited to see the impact that’ll come out of this, if the ZenIP passes.