Discord: Hello @everyone ZenIP 42400 voting closed on February 18th,

Hello @everyone
ZenIP 42400 voting closed on February 18th, with 100% of the votes “For”, the proposal passed!
Thank you to all in our community who voted, this ZenIP had the highest participation yet!
This ZenIP proposed modernizing Horizen Technology via a Modular Proof Verification Layer.

The “New Horizen” initiative will modernize the Horizen tech stack to better align with the broader web3 industry while building on the legacy of the Horizen Mainchain and Zendoo. This will “future-proof” the Horizen network and unlock market value to the Horizen ecosystem.

By developing a solution that is versatile enough to be compatible with multiple development frameworks, proving systems, and settlement layers, this positions Horizen as a hub of collaborative innovation.

Learn more about ZenIP 42400 in our blog post

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