ZenIp: 42400 - Modernizing Horizen Technology via a Modular Proof Verification Layer

Great questions. Here’s a quick stab:

  1. Sometimes it’s best to pivot entirely when what you’re doing isn’t working, but even so, NH is a concept that we can implement because of the work we’ve done historically. It was our throughline in ZKP expertise, from being a privacy coin, to building Zendoo, to now building NH that enables this.
  2. Please ref some of the thread above specific to developing NH. HL has already prototyped the concept in about a month and is in the end stages of a testnet build that we can release in 1-2 months. It doesn’t get much faster than this in the world of protocol dev. The reason we can move this fast is due to much improved software dev processes and that we’re using well-established frameworks, like Substrate, instead of building things from scratch. It’s allowing us to integrate mostly existing technologies in a novel way and focus on the piece of it that matters and is unique to solving this problem (fast, efficient ZK proof verification).
  3. I think we miss out on the bull market if we keep doing the same stuff that hasn’t been working. We’ve been heavily socializing this NH concept with VCs, investors, crypto OGs, builders, etc. and everyone loves it. It’s a refreshingly new narrative that just makes sense and the market needs it.