The release of ZenIP 42406

Hi @everyone!

The release of ZenIP 42406: Strategic Technical Plan for the Migration of $ZEN and EON :sparkles:

We’re thrilled to announce the release of ZenIP 42406, detailing the strategic technical plan for migrating $ZEN and #HorizenEON to a new and more advanced blockchain architecture.

This proposal seeks community approval for a migration designed to:
:white_check_mark: Boost overall network performance
:white_check_mark: Integrate cutting-edge zk proof systems
:white_check_mark: Enhance the utility of $ZEN

Key Points include:
:small_blue_diamond:Horizen ($ZEN) and HorizenEON on a single new EVM-compatible blockchain
:small_blue_diamond:Position future Horizen to specifically support and power zk apps
:small_blue_diamond:Existing smart contracts on EON will be transitioned over including $ZEN in current liquidity pools
:small_blue_diamond:Snapshot-based migration
:small_blue_diamond:Advanced and seamless zkVerify integration

Important Notes:
:small_blue_diamond:ZenIP 42406 focuses on the technical roadmap
:small_blue_diamond:The max supply of 21M $ZEN remains unchanged

This migration is designed to become a pivotal step in Horizen’s evolution, aligning with Horizen’s long-term vision of becoming a home for ZK and ensuring desirable utility for $ZEN.

The voting will start on 6/18. Your participation is crucial for our journey forward! Read the full proposal and join the discussion on Discourse! :point_down: