The community suggested restarting develop our mobile Sphere wallet,

Many community members suggested that we should have a mobile version wallet which will be a good entrance for the new Zen


I told them that we already had a mobile version that had been tested internally in 2019, Do we have any possibility to restart the development of this Sphere mobile version?



That will have to be scoped / accompanied by a grant and proposed via a ZenIP.

We need a product company to build and maintain such a wallet. It’s a hard work with a lot of costs.

We discussed a bit this topic here: Potential Zen Improvement Proposals - #25 by rocket

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Applications of this magnitude can be implemented without the unit cost being extremely high. Of course, it is essential to maintain it in operation.
Since there are not that many concurrent users, I don’t think maintenance server costs will be high even if a cloud server such as AWS EC2 is used.
Looking at the screenshot uploaded, it looks like progress is complete, but I want to know why did it stop?