Punkz Sundown - ZEN On EON And Punkz NFTs For PKZ Hoders

Punkz Sundown - ZEN On EON And Punkz NFTs For PKZ Hoders

With Horizen EON and the EVM approach, the $PKZ tokens wil be deprecated. However, the loyal players will be rewarded for their time spent playing the game.

The amount of $PKZ in your Cobalt Wallet will entitle you to higher reward. The rarity of the Punkz NFT will depend on the $PKZ token held.

If you have $PKZ tokens you have to fill the form and follow the steps to get your rewards!


I get this message when opening the form

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@Manon can you have a look?

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The permissions changed. It’s good now.

Here a recap of the airdrop:

Punkz EON airdrop:

  • More than 50K PKZ > 2 EON ZEON + Legendary NFT
  • Between 30K and 49.9K PKZ > 1.5 EON ZEN + Super Rare NFT
  • Between 20K and 39.9K PKZ > 1 EON ZEN + Super rare NFT
  • Between 10K and 29.9K PKE > 0.5 EON ZEN + Rare NFT
  • Between 7.5K and 9.99K PKZ > 0.25 EON ZEN + Common NFT
  • Between 5K and 7.49K PKZ > 0.1 EON ZEN + Basic NFT

Not sure how many $PKZ I had on the wallet cause I lost access. Does the team get a punk NFT? :thinking:

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Ahah, what are your thoughts on that?

Should the Punkz team get NFTs?

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Dunno! Happy to buy one when listed for everyone… happy if I get one as a gift

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You can all fill the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1U6z5xXJYpT-LSDim4bxu2XCA9d4xxodUviXQ8wTQ-kI/edit

Thanks PVM!

I will make a brief video to post on my Youtube & Horizen Clips maybe just to highlight some fun we had playing Punkz and highlighting the form and process to claim an NFT Punk on EON with a small ZEN allocation


Highlights from the parties :partying_face:

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