EON needs a transactions revolution

Hi Zenfrens
I’ve found that there are no speed or security issues with EON. However, we’re not seeing many transactions.

Total blocks 930,816
Total transactions 1,003,403
The difference is 72,587

The difference between a transactions and a block should be a lot. Like Solana or ETH.

Fewer transactions means less EON usage. Is that right?
In my opinion, there are a few reasons why there are fewer transactions.

  1. the holders are conservative.
    They are the ones who run the nodes and don’t care. To get them on board, you need to convince them that they will benefit from using EON.

  2. EON and mainchain speed issues
    People think that the movement of EON from the main chain takes a little bit of time, but the movement of EON from the main chain takes a lot of time. This makes people hesitate to use EON.


“Forger node” needs to come out soon.

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I think Forger node could be an alternative, we need more like it.


Is there a direction for speed improvement? Someone saw an article that it is not completed two days after sending from EON to Sphere.

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Actually the last time I made a transaction on EON, it took less than 2 days to process, I believe the article in question should be updated

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Correct, performance has already improved drastically from when the system was launched; and it’ll keep on improving. Forward transfers should take roughly 15 minutes and backward transfers about 30 minutes. Way different than two days :slight_smile:


I tried forward and backward transfer today. forward transfer takes around 20 minutes and backward transfer takes around 3 hours. I think transaction time is improved a lot.


When will the Forger node start?
Many holders and secure node operators are waiting I think.

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It’s already available.
The doc is here: GitHub - HorizenOfficial/compose-evm-simplified

But the Secure Node will be deprecated in March and the reward will be transferred to the Forger Node after this time.

Meanwhile, the Forger Nodes get the tx fees

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