Discord: Hi @everyone here's a fun activity for you! ๐ŸŽ‰ Layer3 just l

Hi @everyone hereโ€™s a fun activity for you! :tada:

Layer3 just launched an onchain campaign to highlight Horizen EON. Users that complete this program will receive XP points (:shushing_face: in addition to some future perks/rewards).

Hereโ€™s how you participate :fire:

<:EON_white:1098897250647818290> Read a blurb about Horizen EON

:handshake: Follow Horizen on Twitter

:bridge_at_night: Bridge into Horizen EON through Interport

:moneybag: Make a trade on Ascent Exchange

Check it out here :point_right: Introduction to Horizen EON - Layer3

Goodluck! :zap: :zap: :zap:


An interesting activity for the community for sure
Will also share about it on my social page.


when is the deadline on this campaign?