Discord: Hi @everyone, Announcement! πŸ“’ TokenMint, a sidechain design

Hi @everyone, Announcement! :loudspeaker:

TokenMint, a sidechain designed as a proof of concept by the Horizen Ecosystem team, is being deprecated on **Wednesday, March 6th, 2024. **

As part of the deprecation, all TokenMint users will need to remove their $ZEN from the sidechain before the deprecation date, to avoid loss of funds.

Learn more: Deprecation of the TokenMint Sidechain - Horizen Blog

To move $ZEN off of TokenMint, users can simply send their ZEN from their Cobalt Wallet to a Horizen mainchain address.

**Warning: **ZEN can only be sent to Horizen Mainchain Sphere addresses from Cobalt. Sending ZEN to another Horizen Mainnet address outside of Sphere could lead to a loss of funds.

As always, we remain available for community questions and concerns, please reach out to us on here, or open up a ticket with any questions.