Discord: **Beware of team member impersonators and BOT scams!** Malic

Beware of team member impersonators and BOT scams!

Malicious actors often impersonate members of the support team and DM you, usually about some issue you’re having. They will ask you to install software like anydesk or other remote desktop management software. You may also get contacted in a DM by a Horizen Update BOT or Horizen News BOT.

The Horizen Team will never start a direct message with you, we only respond to your DMs. We will never request you install any type of software for us to help you by remote access. We only guide you to fix issues yourselves. Besides receiving support from us or the community in this discord, there is only one official support system: https://support.horizen.io . Any other support portals are scams. We will never use any BOT to notify users of software updates. Consider any BOT that pretends to represent Horizen to be a scam, spreading malicious software.

We can only ban impersonators and bots from the Horizen discord server when we become aware of them, we cannot stop them from contacting you. You must remain vigilant. Please be skeptical. Don’t trust, verify. Never share your private keys or recovery seed phrase with anyone. Only download new software from the official locations. Verify the sha256 hashsums of downloads and compare them with our software releases on github.

Official Download Locations:


If you get any kind of DM from a supposed team member or bot, contact us immediately.

Everyone has a responsibility to themselves to protect their own property. We can only do so much with our periodic reminders and attempts to help educate people. We cannot be everywhere. Stay vigilant, and HODL your ZEN.