Follow market hot spots and trends

It is hoped that horizen can keep up with market hot spots, and its functions are close to the depin field or the AI field. Follow the hot trends, make relevant functions, and cooperate with relevant project parties. And then a lot of publicity for horizen. Don’t miss this raging bull market. We must develop AI or DEPin-related functions to create value and follow the trend in order to succeed.

I strongly disagree. Horizen should not chase hot trends - trends are hot until they’re not. I’ll take the slow, steady and thoughtful approach any day over mindlessly following the herd.

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While it’s important to keep up with market trends, sometimes blindly following them isn’t the best strategy. What Horizen is building is essential and forward-thinking, focusing on modularity and innovative technologies that haven’t been fully explored yet. DePin is just one of the booming areas.

So far they’re committed to staying relevant and creating value by carefully integrating impactful trends where they align with the vision.