EON token issuance proposal


I offer an alternative to minting EON token and delivering it to whoever HL decides needs it more. Seeing as it will replace some functions of the Horizen and its use cases, here is my suggestion.
Lets say total amount of EON token is 100M. Daily issuance rate would be 10 000.
80% of it or 8000 would be earned daily by users staking their ZEN tokens, depending how much zen they stake. The more stakers, less they get / day.

20% would go to HL to offer as incentive to developers and influencers, VC abd whoever else they said they need to pay. Plus they could also stake a large chunk of ZEN they already have and are receiving now (20% of each block mined on Horizen).

Tell me what you think

It could work. But the coins go to the foundation to distribute. Most likely it would be awarded to some spin off of HL. I just want to be specific.