Discord: Hi @everyone Join the Horizen team next week at the Supermoo

Hi @everyone

Join the Horizen team next week at the Supermoon BuidlHouse during ETH Denver!

:hammer_and_wrench::house: BUIDLhouse - set to be the best hacker house at Denver, is a 3-day Open House in collaborations with projects like Cointelegraph, Conflux, NDC, OORT, & U-Hack.

Horizen is hosting a Web3 Builders Day on Feb 29th with a slew of activates including developer workshops, hackathon, roundtable discussions, interviews & more.

Special Speakers from the Horizen ecosystem include:

Spencer Soloway (VP Ecosystem Growth at Horizen Labs)
Rolf Versluis (Director of Business Development at Horizen Labs)
Steven Goldfeder (Cofounder & CEO of Offchain Labs)
**Kory Hoang **(Co-Founder of Stably)
Benjamin Roth (Co-Founder of Auros Global)
**Jason Atkins **(CCO Of Auros)
Shelby Jenkins (Engineering at Tatum)
& lots more!

:star2: Whatโ€™s in store?
Exclusive Builders Brunch & co-hacking sessions
Roundtable discussions and presentation on New Horizen / Modular Blockchains
Over 500 fellow builders & founders
3 days of curated events
50+ media outlets & influencers
:moneybag: Bounties and rewards!

:link: Register here to attend :point_right: Web3 Builders Day | #BUIDL HOUSE | Supermoon & Cointelegraph ยท Luma


Excited for next week!


Letโ€™s go! Looking forward to this next week


Donโ€™t forget to take a lot of pics :wink:

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